The ByteShooter is available in different versions:

The Master:
Every master has an unequivocal signature. (e.g., eurotuning)
The data which are read out from the ECU are saved in the binary format.
The file is able to come immediately, e.g., WIN-OLS are edited.
With the tuned file a check sums comparison must be carried out finally.
With all EDC16 the check sums comparison is done in the ByteShooter program.
Then the binary, tuned file can be written with the ByteShooter in the ECU.

The Slave:

The data which are read out from the ECU are saved as a packed, coded file.
he coding is depending on the signature of the master.
The file must be sent in this format to the tuner (master).
Only the master, with the same signature can open the coded file.
The tuner edits the opened file as usual. If everything is finished, the tuner codes the file.
Now the Slave can write the tuned, coded file in the ECU.

The Semimaster:

The Semimaster is, in principle, a Slave.
Nevertheless, he can not only coded, but also open files wites in the ECU.
This has the advantage that the customer can use open files of any tuners.
There are also customers who already own open tuning files, but are not able to produce own tuning files.
However, the connection to a certain tuner is more open.

Byteshooter Software Modules

This module can additionaly bought to the ByteShooter Software:

Module 30 (password Protection icl. TP8/10)
The module 30 is for all EDC17 / MED17 with TriCore-Processor with password protection.
The module 30 allows the reading and writing "almost" to all BOSCH EDC17 and MED17 by tool box.
With it is also possible to tune ECU's which have a so-called Tuning-Protection.
Also the EEprom can be read and write with it.
To compute to the check sum module 7 is required.

Modul 9 VAG DSG DQ250 Temic TriCore
Golf 6 R 2.0 TFSI F21,  Golf R32 E18, Golf 6 2.0 TDI F26